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The Blue Ridge Family Dental Philosophy

At Blue Ridge Family Dental we believe in providing a high standard of preventive patient care in a relaxed and comfortable setting. We strive to earn patient confidence by providing straightforward information and individualized treatment options.

We work hard to provide the latest technology and progressive techniques for excellent oral care. Good oral health not only improves patients' smiles, but also their overall health and well-being. That means a longer and better quality of life for our patients.

We Help Our Patients

  1. Prevent decay
  2. Understand oral health
  3. Make informed decisions that are right for each individual

We aim to educate our patients about the Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body Connection. Researchers are finding a correlation between oral health and cardiovascular disease, stroke, bacterial pneumonia, and even low birth weights. Oral health can affect your entire well being.

About Our Name

Blue Ridge Family Dental encompasses all of our staff and celebrates the beautiful area that we live in. The Blue Ridge trail loop provides spectacular views of Blue Ridge and Lake Berryessa. Thank you for letting us take care of your dental needs. We’re still the same familiar dental team, and we look forward to seeing your smile in the near future.

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