What Do You Need to Know About Full and Partial Dentures in Vacaville?

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Dentures, be they full or partial, are removal prosthetics which fill in for our missing teeth. Full dentures, as the name suggests, come in place of all of the teeth in the upper or lower or both jaws. Partial dentures are those who replace a single tooth or a few teeth wherever they are not present.

What all can dentures do for us?

Dentures, basically speaking, bring back the smile on your face to what it was when all your teeth were present. They also prevent the facial muscles from sagging. As a result of the research and development done in this field, dentures these days are very much akin to natural teeth.

The pros and cons of wearing a set of dentures

It is natural to feel a bit ill at ease when one first gets dentures, be they partial or full ones. Initially, it takes a few days for the muscles in the cheek and tongue area to become used to the dentures. This feeling of being a bit uneasy is all the more prominent when one is chewing or talking.

Also, one can feel a bit sore in the area as well. Also, there may be a certain increase in saliva formation in the mouth. With time, these issues will fade away and one will feel totally at ease with the new dentures. What is necessary is that the dentures fit properly in the mouth and there is no jutting out or improper alignment of the fixtures which may cause bruising.

Caring for your dentures

It is essential to take proper care of your dentures at all times. It is best to rinse the dentures with water to remove food particles before brushing them. Make it a point to use a soft-bristled brush for this purpose. Also, remember to brush your gums, cheeks, teeth and the upper palate of the mouth as well. This will help in stimulating circulation and in removing plague as well. Also, always keep the dentures fully immersed in water when not using them. This will prevent any warping.

It is a fact that adhesives are not essential while using dentures. But, at times, one may need to use this for bettering the grasp of the dentures. Adhesives can come in cream, powder, pad, wafer or strip format.