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Restorative dentistry might be the dental solution you are looking for if you have slight imperfections on your teeth that need fixing and repair. Restorative dentistry is referred to as the field in dentistry that deals primarily on the diagnosis, management and treatment of certain conditions affecting your teeth gums and supporting tissues in your mouth. The dental procedures and treatments under restorative dentistry are designed in such a way that the appearance and functions of your teeth are restored. It is incredibly useful for the individuals to want to improve the quality of their smiles and even their oral health. Most of the procedures under restorative dentistry can just be performed by general dentist which is why it is very easy to have it. Examples of the procedures performed under restorative dentistry are crowns, bridges, fillings, dental implants, veneers, dentures and more.

When is restorative dentistry recommended?

  • It can be useful for the restoration of the tooth that has been damaged by decay or damaged due to trauma
  • It can be used for the teeth that have been injured or fractured
  • It is for the teeth that have been worn out due to destructive habits of clenching and grinding or the teeth that have been damaged due to tooth erosion

What are the most common procedures under restorative dentistry?

  • Fillings are usually performed in order to save a slightly decayed or damaged tooth from further damage. Some of the filling materials used are gold, amalgam, silver and tooth colored plastic resins to blend in with your natural teeth
  • Bridges are used to “bridge” or closed the gaps and spaces left by missing teeth
  • Crowns are tooth shaped caps that are used as artificial tooth replacement for implants. These are also used to cover certain teeth imperfections like cracks, chips, minor dents and even discoloration. Crown are also used to strengthen a weak tooth or to hold it in place
  • Dental implants serve as the replacement for your missing tooth roots. Implants are made of metal called titanium that are attached to your jawbone so as to serve as the replacement root to an artificial tooth
  • Dentures are an effective way to replace a missing tooth or all of your permanent teeth. Dentures are made of acrylic resin and combined with metal attachments

What are the benefits of restorative dentistry?

  • Restorative dentistry can remove any discomfort or pain that’s caused by a damaged tooth or a decayed tooth. When you get your teeth problems addressed with the treatments under restorative dentistry, you will no longer have to suffer from pain. If you have a severely infected tooth, you can still get it saved without the need to pull out the tooth by having a root canal treatment. With root canal treatment, the infected pulp will be removed so that it will no longer cause you pain. The damaged tooth will be cleaned and will be filled in and sealed so that it can be used just like a natural tooth again. For the teeth that are slightly damaged, you can also have them restored by tooth bonding.
  • When you get restorations, they will just look like your natural teeth and will just blend in with the rest of your teeth. That’s because there are now options to use tooth colored materials so that they can just match the shade of your natural teeth. Some of the procedures that are using tooth colored materials are crowns, fillings, bridges, veneers and many others.
  • Restorative dentistry does not only restore the beauty of your smile, but also the natural functions of your teeth like your ability to speak and eat properly. When you have one or more teeth missing, these can make an impact to how you speak and eat but you can get these addressed by getting restorations.
  • Restorative dentistry can improve your oral health too because if you correct the issues you have with your teeth using restorations, you also prevent further damage from your teeth, thus improving the condition of your oral health.

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