Lumineers in Vacaville, CA: All the Facts You Need to Know

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Cosmetic dentistry treatments are widely sought by celebrities and ordinary people nowadays. Since a great smile covers a lot of benefits to the overall well-being of a person, taking advantage of the services that dentists offer to maintain its aesthetically-pleasing state is ideal. One of the superb options that we at Blue Ridge Family Dental are proud to provide is veneers. These are thin, shell-like prostheses designed to mend multiple teeth imperfections, from discolorations to gaps. Here in our office, patients can choose between traditional porcelain veneers or the branded Lumineers.


Things to Know About Lumineers

The application of Lumineers is simple and fast

Lumineers’ application process is straightforward. The treatment does not even require the grinding or drilling of the teeth. Here is a step-by-step procedure of Lumineers:

  • The patient must first see the dentist for an initial consultation. This step will determine the patient’s candidacy for the treatment.
  • Once qualified, the upper and lower teeth are subject for impression taking. The dentist will then send the molds to an off-site laboratory.
  • The customization of Lumineers is performed in a separate lab rather than in the dental office.
  • After a few weeks, patients will need to go back to the clinic to fit the prostheses.
  • If the Lumineers sits snugly on the teeth, the dentist will then perform the etching and bonding process.

Temporary prostheses are no longer necessary for Lumineers

Since the application of Lumineers eliminates the reduction of the enamel, there is no need to place non-permanent veneers.

Lumineers are not for all

Despite the benefits of Lumineers, not everyone is a good candidate for the treatment. Nevertheless, those who have tapered or hidden teeth, naturally smaller pearly whites, and people whose smile is not proportioned to their lips might find Lumineers the best choice.

There is no such thing as “forever” to Lumineers

Lumineers are made of high-quality materials, but they cannot withstand for a lifetime. We advise patients to have their prostheses replaced as soon as they notice any irregularities.


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