Five Reasons Why You Need to Have Dental Fillings Done for Your Teeth

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Have you checked your teeth lately? Did you find any black spots here and there? Can you feel some crack or hole using your tongue? Have you recently experienced toothache because of a single tooth that has a hole? Or maybe find it hard to chew because a tooth has become too sensitive?

If you’ve answered yes on each question above, then you really must go to your dentist. One possible suggestion that your dentist may give you is to have dental fillings. One of the most typical dental treatments done to restore he health of a person’s teeth is dentalfillings. Teeth harmed by mild decay can still be cleaned and turned into a healthy state by using this procedure. Dental filling is also one of the easiest and often pain-free dental procedures that you may go through.

There are different types of dental fillings that can be used for a tooth. Some use amalgam, a mixture of zinc, mercury, copper and silver filling. This is used in the back teeth and usually do not match the color of the teeth. Another popular choice is composite resin which is a combination fine glass particles and plastic. This type of filling is stronger than amalgam and can also match the color of your teeth. And of course we have the ceramics of porcelain fillings which usually last for seven years but can be more brittle compare for the first two.

No matter what you choose, you will need these dental fillings if you have these reasons:

  1. Halitosis

Having a halitosis definitely informs that something is wrong inside your mouth. Foul breath isn’t something that ought to be ignored because it might have a more severe underlying issue.Likewise called bad breath, foul breath can be a problem related to cavities, and this might require oral tooth filling treatments. Cavities ruin the teeth and normally create little holes in the teeth, and the bigger it gets, the more it can trap food particles and would ultimately result in halitosis.

  1. Discomfort

This is the most important indication that needs to make you believe whether it’s time for you to have your tooth filled. Any kind and intensity of pain experienced when you are consuming or drinking hot or cold drink could be an indication that you have a decayed tooth.Cavities likewise cause the increased sensitivity of your teeth, when you observe that you are getting really sensitive with different temperatures of the food or drinks that you take, perhaps it’s time to see your dental practitioner and notify him/her about it.

  1. Teeth Staining or Existence of Holes

As pointed out in the third indication, cavities damage the teeth and produce small holes. These holes will get bigger as the issue worsens, and this is where food particles get trapped. Aside from cavities causing holes and resulting in bad breath, it also makes the teeth more fragile and will ultimately chip easily. Keep an eye for any discoloration in your teeth or other dark areas that you might discover, since this could imply that a cavity has actually formed. See your dental expert right away to talk about any uncommon event in your mouth.


  1. Bleeding

Have noticed your gums or teeth bleeding whenever you brush or floss? If you answered yes, this might be a sign that you need to have a dental filling. Any problem with your gums, also known as Gum Disease, is generally characterized by bleeding gums. When you experience any bleeding in the teeth or gums, you might be suffering from gingivitis or tooth decay, or maybe any other gum or tooth-related illness.

  1. Sensitivity to Sugary Foods

Just like the increased level of sensitivity to hot and cold food or beverages, cavities will make the teeth more conscious foods that contain high amounts of sugar. This will make you feel a tingling experience or perhaps mild discomfort each time you consume anything that has high sugar content. This is very typical reason though some just ignores this sensation and tend to carry on with their habit of eating high sugar content foods.

No matter how much we prevent, cavities are bound to occur to anybody. With proper oral health care, you can avoid such issues. But if dental caries and cavities are already present, getting oral fillings will be one way to address the issue entirely. You can ask your dentists for the best dental fillings you can get to your teeth and how long each type of fillings may last which will help you decide what works well for you.

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