Why Choose Blue Ridge Family Dental

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Blue Ridge Family Dental is a family owned dental office and no wonder patients who come here are treated with extra care and warmth. Under Dr. Tricerri, the office has attained new heights by providing all the important dental care facilities in the same place and at really affordable rates.

There are provisions for regular dental checkups for those who come here for their routine inspections. Dentists recommend fluoride treatment from time to time to give extra strength to the teeth. Inlays and onlays are recommended as and when required to improve the overall appearance and adults are encouraged to use mouth guards to prevent their teeth from illnesses and injuries. Sealants and tooth colored fillings are often used to tend to broken and chipped tooth or teeth which have developed cavities.

Moreover, oral cancer screenings are conducted by the best in the industry and it has resulted in saving the lives of many. Cosmetic dentistry has attained a lot of popularity and many patients come here for cosmetic bonding and smile makeover procedures so that they can showcase their best smile. Teeth whitening is done by a lot of people as well to get rid of the smoke and alcohol stains. Porcelain veneers add a lot of shine and extra protection to the teeth and the six-month smile and Snap On Smiles can give very effective and quick results.

The elderly can opt for full or partial dentures, depending on the requirement. The dental implants are installed usually after a tooth extraction, to fill in the gap of the missing tooth and the extraction itself is conducted with a lot of care. Bone grafting and Scaling and Root Planning is done for a better structure and periodontal treatments for the healthy gums are often availed by patients. Treating children deserves extra care and so there is a separate pediatric division as well and emergency examinations are also conducted. Root canal and TMJ treatment for jaw injury is also practiced here, and given relief to many patients along with snoring treatment.

For the best Dental Services in Vacaville CA, contact Blue Ridge Family Dental today!