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Preventive dental care or preventive dentistry refers to the way that you take good care of your mouth and keeping it healthy to reduce the need for dental treatments. The better care you give your teeth, the longer you will be able to keep your teeth for life.

Nobody wants to make a lot of dental appointments just to get treatments and procedures done because of the tooth decay and gum diseases. It is imperative to keep a healthy oral hygiene because as the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure.

With the help of technology, teeth problems can be given a solution. There are various procedures to save a tooth or to make its appearance better but nothing beats being able to keep your teeth healthy to prevent unnecessary procedures that are time consuming and at the same time, which are also costly. Your day to day care is just as important as your regular dentist checkups.

To maintain optimum oral health, the following are the simplest steps you can follow:

  • Brushing – Brushing your teeth is just as important as taking a shower daily. You should be able to brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste and do it for at least 2 minutes. You should do this every after meal if you can or at least twice a day. You should also have your toothbrush replaced every 3 months.
  • Flossing – flossing is normally accompanied by brushing. This is important because it helps you clean out the tight spaces between the teeth. To make this effective, you can ask your dentist on how you can correctly do this or maybe ask for a quick flossing demonstration.
  • Eat a balance diet – What you eat makes a difference on the health of your teeth. You should be eating food that will provide your teeth the nutrient it needs and make sure your diet is a balanced diet. Learn how to limit your sugar intake as well as carbohydrates, and drink plenty of water daily.
  • Visit your dentist – it is imperative that you set dental appointments and have examinations done at least once per year to check for any problems in the teeth or gums.

What is involved in preventive dental care?

Your preventive dentist will check your teeth and gums and discuss with you if you need any treatment. This aims is to really keep your mouth healthy and prevent oral problems like decay or gum diseases.

The following are the steps involved in preventive dentistry:

  • Your dentist will remove all plaque and tartar from your teeth.
  • Your dentist will show you how to properly brush and how to use floss to clean anything that is stuck between your teeth.
  • You will be given advice on the best products that are more appropriate for you to use.
  • Your diet, and lifestyle habits will also be discussed with you so you will be advised on the things that you need to continue doing and the ones that you should already stop.
  • Your dentist will make sure that cleaning will not be a problem by making sure all your fillings are good and that there are no rough edges.

What are the benefits of preventive dentistry?

You can definitely reduce your risk of getting oral diseases like cavities, gingivitis, and periodontitis if you maintain good dental hygiene. Some health problems can also be linked to poor oral health including diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, respiratory disease and cancer. Pregnant women should also practice preventive dental care during pregnancy because premature birth and low birth weight can also be linked to poor oral health. This means that regular dental visits during your pregnancy is also necessary.

Aside from being able to keep yourself healthy overall with good oral hygiene, practicing preventive dental care can help you save money. You will no longer have to go through unnecessary procedures required because of missing teeth, stained teeth, tooth decay, gum diseases etc. which sometimes can be very costly. You will not even have to fear your dental appointments as a significant number of people actually experience dental anxiety. While preventive dentistry may not completely eliminate your need for some dental procedures, taking good care of your mouth can still go a long way in saving both time and money for these treatments.

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