All About Fluoride Application in Vacaville

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Strong teeth are essential in maintaining good oral health. Aside from brushing, flossing and mouth rinsing, fluoride application is essential in keeping the teeth sturdy making it resistant to acid attacks and decay. Here at Blue Ridge Family Dental, we offer Fluoride application treatment to strengthen the teeth of our patients.  

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What is Fluoride Application?

Decay is a common dental issue to different age groups. It can cause oral complication if left untreated and unprevented. Fluoride is a mineral which helps strengthen the teeth.  Fluoride application is a procedure that was developed to combat decay and preserve teeth structure. The procedure involves the application of fluoride varnish to the surface of the teeth to strengthen teeth enamel and dentin. Fluoride varnish is used since it is the most effective topical fluoride. It helps reduces the risk of decay for adults and children from 25 to  60 percent. Also, it is the safest form because it is less ingested than foams, toothpaste or gels.

Fluoride Application Procedure

Here are the things happen during the fluoride application treatment:

  • The teeth are cleaned by removing plaques and tartar
  • Once it is cleaned, the teeth are dried using a gauze pad
  • The fluoride varnish is then applied to each teeth using a small brush until it hardens
  • The teeth are rinsed and dried again.

After the application, the patient is advised not to eat or drink anything for thirty minutes to one hour. They can go back to normal activities afterward.

Benefits of Fluoride Application

  • Remineralize tooth surface
  • Reduces the risk of developing cavities
  • Restrain acid attacks and bacteria
  • Strengthen teeth structure
  • Maintain strong dental health

How to Take Care of the Teeth after Fluoride Treatment?

  • Avoid sweet, sugary and sticky foods
  • Practice regular brushing and proper flossing
  • Stop smoking
  • Undergo fluoride application twice a year
  • Avoid acidic foods and beverages

If you are a kind of patient that is prone to develop decay and cavities, Visit us to save and strengthen teeth with Fluoride Application.

Get healthy and cavity-free teeth! Book an appointment with Blue Ridge Family Dental for Fluoride Treatment in Vacaville. We are conveniently located at 292 Alamo Drive, Ste. 5, Vacaville, CA 95688.