Answering the Questions About Dental Retainers

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The day your braces get removed is definitely memorable and much-awaited. You think about finally eating all the food you’ve been avoiding for months or even years. However, you shouldn’t be too excited, just yet. Your orthodontic journey is not yet over! When your treatment ends, there is a natural tendency for the teeth to move back to their original positions. This tendency decreases over time, but it can be a problem for up to 18 months after your treatment. This situation is where retainers come in! A retainer is a type of plastic or metal appliance that keeps the teeth aligned after a patient completes their orthodontic treatment.

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If you are advised by your dentist to wear retainers, you might have some questions in mind. For that reason, Blue Ridge Family Dental has compiled the answers to some of the queries surrounding retainers. Know more by reading below!

Do I have to wear my retainers at all times?

Several factors determine the amount of time needed for you to wear your retainer. However, this does not mean that you’ll need to wear the said oral appliance at all times. For the first three to six months after finishing treatment, most orthodontists recommend that you wear your retainer at all times, except when brushing your teeth and eating. Once your teeth start to stabilize in their new positions, you will only have to wear your retainer at night. 

What happens if I do not wear my retainer?

A retainer is designed to keep your teeth in place. If you do not wear it for an extended period, it will surely cause some issues for you. It is alright to miss a day or two because your teeth will not move much at that time. However, if you don’t wear it for too long, your teeth will start to shift again. Although there are patients who are diligent in wearing their retainer as recommended for a few years, they begin to wear it less until they don’t wear it anymore. As a result, the teeth noticeably shifts over time. 

What should I do if my retainer won’t fit anymore?

If it has been a long time since you’ve last worn your retainer, the teeth may already have shifted to the point that your retainer doesn’t fit anymore. In the case of a slight misalignment, you can sometimes wear the same retainer, even if it’s a tight fit. Wearing a slightly ill-fitting retainer can move your teeth back into their designated position over time. However, if the oral appliance no longer fits, you can cause damage to the teeth by forcing it. In this situation, it is best to contact a dental professional to get a new and better fitting retainer.

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