Dental Sealant in Vacaville, CA: Its Importance and Application

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With the continuous advances in technology, there are now things that people can use to protect themselves against harmful factors. They have easy access to items like sunscreen, sunglasses, and caps to protect their skin or eyes against the sun. The thought of having a specific type of protection can make people feel at ease, confident, and secured.

Believe it or not, it is not only limited to items that can be worn or applied on the body. In dentistry, there is also a treatment that serves as an added protection to keep oral health in great shape – Dental Sealant. Although it has been around for years, others are not aware of its existence and benefits.

At Blue Ridge Family Dental, not only do we offer the best dental care services available for our patients, but we also aim to help them combat any possible complications while early. For instance, the occurrence of tooth decay which is one of the most common problems experienced by many. To prevent and even reverse the earliest cases of cavities, we offer dental sealants!


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What is a dental sealant?

Sealants, as its name implies, are applied on the chewing surfaces of the teeth to seal it away from harmful substances that can lead to cavities. It is a thin, plastic material that dentist coats on the teeth without affecting the normal occlusions. Any teeth can receive sealants, but the ones that can benefit the most are the molars and premolars. These teeth are the most vulnerable due to their location and form. People find it hard to reach these areas when cleaning using a toothbrush.

Another problem is, the chewing surfaces have natural pits and fissures that can be deep enough for even the thinnest brush bristles can reach. As a result, acids, food particles, bacteria, and other harmful substances can accumulate on the deep portions of the teeth which results in the formation of cavities. With dental sealants, these pits and fissures will be covered to prevent any particles from entering. As a result, the teeth are much easier to clean and debris that can potentially cause damage are kept out!


How are sealants applied?

  • The teeth to be treated are thoroughly cleaned and dried to make sure that there will be no underlying problem after sealants are applied.
  • Certain methods will be performed to isolate the teeth from any possible contaminations like saliva and to keep them dry.
  • An etching solution will be used to roughen the surface slightly. It helps in making sure that the sealant material will remain in place properly.
  • The solution will be rinsed off, and the teeth are intended for drying again.
  • The dentist would then apply the sealant material by brushing it on the chewing surfaces. Its liquidity will allow it to flow towards the deep pits and fissures for a successful sealing. In some cases, a particular type of light is used to hasten the hardening process of the material.
  • The dentist will check and make sure that the material is appropriately applied. Adjustments may be performed to make sure that it would not affect the bite.


Ready to get added protection for your teeth? Consider the application of Sealants in Vacaville, CA to achieve and maintain excellent oral health! Call us at Blue Ridge Family Dental to book your appointment.