Orthodontic Retainers: Tips to Ease Pain in Vacaville, CA

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Having retainers in your mouth after an orthodontic treatment may seem like a long, arduous task. However, wearing the dental appliance is highly recommended by every dentist including us at Blue Ridge Family Dental. As much as possible, we advise our patients to wear them on a regular basis. Losing the retainer or damaging it will require you to get a new one for yourself and start wearing it again.


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Normally, as wearers are still adjusting to the dental appliance, they are most likely to feel some pain that can last for minutes or days. While those discomforts are only temporary, you probably might want some means to relieve the pain in the meantime. Here are some options to try:

Over-the-counter Medication

Pain relievers like ibuprofen can help soothe the ache. Topical analgesics are also useful not just for easing gum or tooth pain temporarily but in beating off discomfort when eating and sleeping as well.

Change your diet

You have to pay attention to the foods that you are consuming when experiencing any pain brought by the retainers. Avoid crunchy foods such as crackers, nuts, and biscuits. Sticky and chewy snacks are not the best choice too. Instead, opt for soft or liquid meals.

Ice Pack

Try to relieve soreness with an ice pack. A cold compress can be applied to the outer part of your mouth, or you can simply suck an ice cube if you want. Ice creams and popsicles offer temporary numbness too. There are plenty of ways to make use of this concept; however, this is only applicable to those who don’t have any sensitivity to cold.

Salt Water Rinse

Rinsing with salt water is always the go-to remedy of those who are experiencing any forms of oral pain. Do not underestimate these two ingredients – a tablespoon of salt and glass of warm water – as they have many benefits. The mixture is a good disinfectant that prevents inflammation, promotes healing, and calms swelling. If retainers are giving you a painful experience, give this alternative a try!

There are lots of home remedies to consider for alleviating the discomfort brought by the orthodontic retainer. Nevertheless, if you are still feeling a significant amount of pain even if you are wearing the oral appliance religiously every day, then it’s time to talk to your dentist already.


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