Tartar Wars: Removing Tartar from Toddler’s Teeth in Vacaville, CA

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There are lots of mouth monsters for kids. One of them is the toughest, tartar the terrible. Ever heard of them? Tartar is a stubborn hard mineral that binds to the teeth. It can be traced up in between the teeth, or beneath the gum line. Tartar is clingy! It sticks to the teeth in the form of plaque made up of bacteria and other food debris; if not removed, it will harden, forming a cement-like shell. And unfortunately, not even the best toothbrush can remove tartar from clinging into the teeth.

We at Blue Ridge Family Dental, together with the help of our magic dental wands, can help eliminate tartar build-up to our young patient’s mouth. Our Pediatric Dentistry offers services that include professional cleaning and fluoride treatments which aids in preventing the formation of tartar on the teeth. Tartar can only be effectively eliminated through professional dental cleanings; it is essential to refer children to the dentist as early as possible. We will not only take care of their teeth but will also impart them the proper ways of cleaning their teeth at home and all the healthy oral habits that they need to learn.


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Tartar is best in hiding. Sometimes, it appears less noticeably. The yellowing of the teeth is often due to the stains that were absorbed due to the porousness of tartar. Mouth monster tartar attacks the teeth by narrowing the spaces between them, causing gum disease and tooth loss. To know that tartar already lives in a child’s mouth, look inside. Numerous cavities are already an indication of tartar build-up. Yellow or brown discoloration of the gums can also distinguish tartar.

To avoid tartar from hosting loud plaque parties in the mouth, make sure to brush and floss the teeth regularly using dental products that have fluoride content. Sugary and starchy foods are tartar’s activator. As much as possible, maintain an anti-plaque diet and remember to drink plenty of water to wash away other food particles in the mouth. However, the best and most effective weapon that fights tartar is professional dental cleaning. Whenever tartar build-up is noticed, schedule an appointment with the dentist right away. After catching the tough monster tartar, the reward is a bright, shiny smile and cavity-free teeth!


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