Availing Immediate Full Dentures in Vacaville, CA? Here Are Things to Know!

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Thanks to the discovery of dentures, people who lost their teeth due to various reasons had the chance to regain their lost structures and functions. And with the continuous advancements in dentistry, aside from better materials and techniques, people now have the option to get the prosthesis in just a day! Yes, this is made possible with the help of Immediate Full Dentures we at Blue Ridge Family Dental offer under our Full & Partial Dentures service.

Immediate Full Dentures, as its name implies, allow patients to wear dentures on the same day their remaining teeth are extracted. Although it does not fully function like the dentures placed after the gums have healed, patients can use it at some degree plus its aesthetics. After six months, patients would have to schedule an appointment for the dentist to adjust or even provide a new denture for the patient.


What to Expect After Getting Immediate Full Dentures

  • Patients are advised to wear the denture for 24 hours. There is no need to worry since there is only minimal discomfort, plus, the oral appliance helps manage any bleeding.
  • If there are sutures involved, patients may be advised to return after a week for its removal.
  • To reduce discomfort, patients can take over the counter medications or what is prescribed by the dentist.
  • Patients can expect swelling to take place as it is normal after tooth extraction. To keep this to a minimum, placing an ice pack against the site in 15-minute intervals is advised.
  • After the first day, patients should remove the denture from their mouths for 4 to 5 times a day and rinse with a salt and water solution for a week.
  • For the first week, it is ideal for patients only to consume soft foods to avoid any pain and discomfort. They can just then make the gradual transition to solids if they can already handle it.
  • Using a denture adhesive can aid patients to keep the prosthesis in place.
  • Abstaining oneself from drinking alcohol and smoking promotes faster healing. Taking 1000 mg of Vitamin C for the first 1 to 2 weeks can assist as well.

There is no longer a need to spend days or weeks without teeth! With the help of Immediate Full Dentures, people can enjoy their newly restored teeth in just a day.

Suffering from tooth loss? Check out our offers under Full & Partial Dentures in Vacaville, CA! Call or visit us at Blue Ridge Family Dental to have your questions answered or if you are ready to give dentures a go.