Bridging the Gaps Caused by Tooth Loss in Vacaville, CA

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Various reasons can cause a person to lose a tooth or two. Fortunately, whatever it is, there is a sure dental restoration available to serve as a solution. Aside from dentures and dental implants, there is another option that we also happen to offer at Blue Ridge Family Dental – dental bridges.

As its name implies, it is a type of dental restoration that ‘bridges’ the gap created by losing a tooth or two. It consists of crowns at both ends and pontics (fake teeth) in between. The crowns are vital for they will serve as the anchors that support the placement and stability of the prostheses. On the other hand, pontics would be the replacement for the lost structures. However, if there are no adjacent teeth to support the bridge in place, opting for dental implants would be ideal. Instead of using natural teeth as anchors, the posts surgically placed on the jaw itself would serve as the support.


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Reasons to Give Bridges a Go

Retains Facial Structure

One consequence of missing teeth is the gradual deterioration of the jaw due to the lost of stimulants. Without the teeth, the jaw weakens, and over time it can even lead to the change in a patient’s overall facial structure or even more lost teeth.

Improved Oral Functions

After losing some teeth, patients are more likely to experience difficulty in performing simple tasks like talking and chewing. For example, patients may not enjoy eating the food they initially love since it causes them discomfort. Speaking also comes as a challenge since lost teeth can cause one to lisp or even find certain words harder to pronounce. Replacing the teeth that are lost with bridges not only restores aesthetics but their functionality as well.

Restore Aesthetics

Losing teeth can cause a person to become more conscious and unconfident when meeting and conversing with other people. They tend to restrict themselves to avoid being embarrassed in front of others. Fortunately, they do not have to worry about the appearance of their teeth after having it restored with bridges. Restorations would look and function like natural teeth to give patients the chance to flash their beautiful smiles confidently.

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