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The world is full of judgment. Try to walk on the street with numerous piercings or a full-body tattoo and see how many scared people will distance themselves away from you. Wear something out of the standard dress code and deal with a bunch of name-callings afterward. People will misinterpret you – that’s normal. Even in dentistry, dental services are also awash with misconceptions. One of the treatments that are often misunderstood by a lot of people is the root canal therapy.


Root Canal Treatment


Common Reactions Of People To Root Canals

Are you one of those people who react negatively toward a root canal treatment? It’s time to change your mindset about it! We at Blue Ridge Family Dental listed here the top feedbacks of people regarding root canals. And to clear things out, we tackle the truths about the therapy as well.

“Root canal treatment? It’s too much of a pain.”

The dentist requires you for root canals, and you happen to refuse thinking that the treatment might cause excruciating pain – are you sure? Unless you received the therapy decades ago, where anesthesia is not yet discovered, you might find it extremely painful. But with all the technological advancements nowadays, undergoing a root canal treatment is like getting a dental filling.

“I’m afraid a root canal treatment will make me sick.”

A root canal treatment promotes better overall oral health. Because the procedure gets rid of the dead tissues inside the affected tooth, the person will be freed from the potential illness caused by the infection.

“I’d rather go with tooth extraction instead of root canals.”

Between a root canal treatment and teeth extraction, a majority of people will probably choose the latter option. They think that extracting a tooth is much favorable than the removal of the infected tissue. What they seem to forget are the consequences that an extracted tooth brings. Losing a tooth could mean bite alterations, teeth shifting, and additional expenses.

These misconceptions can hinder you from receiving the necessary treatments for your dental health. But now that you are already informed of the facts about root canals, we hope that you will be more motivated to undergo the procedure.

Don’t be afraid! We at Blue Ridge Family Dental have skilled and approachable staffs to make you feel pleasant during your Root Canal Treatment in Vacaville, CA. Visit us now at 292 Alamo Drive, Ste. 5, Vacaville, CA 95688.