It is no longer a surprise why many people put off their dental visits especially for complex treatments. There really are procedures that can be pretty daunting however, that is not a reason for not going to the dentist or for delaying your appointments. These habits can only result to poor oral health and worse oral health problems because the dental treatments are not being performed on time while the problem is just getting worse and worse.

The good news is that this habit has got to stop already because there is now a solution to this problem. If you constantly feel scared and you have dental anxiety every time you have a schedule with your dentist, then sedation dentistry will be the solution for you to make that appointment happen.

Sedation dentistry is referred to as the process of making a patient feel relaxed during a dental procedure with the help of a class of drugs called sedatives. During a dental appointment, if a person is sedated, he or she will be put on a calm or relaxed state, almost like sleep but will not be fully unconscious. Sedation dentistry is what is going to make a patient go on with his or her dental visit without dental phobia. What the sedatives do is to depress the central nervous system to make a person feel comfortable and give him a pleasant dental experience. The effects of sedation normally lasts between 2 to 4 hours.

What you need to inform your dentist?

In order to make sure that sedation is appropriate and safe for you, it is important to let your dentist know of the following things.

  • If you are undergoing any treatment for any existing medical conditions
  • Drugs or medicines prescribed by your doctor
  • Vitamins, supplements or any over the counter medications you are currently taking
  • Your nutrition and food intake, your dentist needs to know of the types of food you eat, as well as your lifestyle habit like smoking and drinking because these things may cause a reaction on your sedation.

Sedation dentistry has been very useful to many patients over the years because of how it made dental procedures a smooth ride for both the patients and the dentists. This has been the solution for those who extremely fear having dental procedures and the only thing that has enabled them to overcome their fears. Here are the reasons why sedation dentistry is beneficial:

  • Sedation dentistry can help patients overcome their fear and anxiety and will no longer have to be slaves of their dental phobia. There will be no need to delay dental appointments and treatments that can possibly cause greater problems in the future. Some of the procedures must be done immediately before they even progress to an advanced stage and if you keep on putting them off, it could probably turn into a much bigger problem. With dental sedation, the patient will no longer have to deal with all of these things and he or she can feel comfortable and relaxed during the treatment.
  • Sedation dentistry guarantees a pain free experience and this is very helpful to those who have very low tolerance for pain. With sedation, the patient will even have very little or no memory of the entire procedure. This also will no longer need for a local anesthesia to be administered, so need for additional fees. Patient cooperation is a lot easier with sedation dentistry.
  • It allows fewer appointments. Even if dental procedures take longer, it will not matter anymore because there is no pain anyway during the entire procedure. If you can be cooperative during your treatments because of the absence of pain, it will be a lot easier for your dentist to finish the procedure right away. This also means that you will not have to keep on coming back for more dental appointments.
  • Dental sedation can also help you save from the expensive cost of numerous dental visits. Yes you may be paying extra for the sedation but you will be able to compress your treatments in just a few visits because there is no need to get your visits interrupted when you do not feel comfortable.

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