A Quick Overview on the Health Risks Associated with Snoring

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Everyone snores at some point, and it’s unavoidable. It is not possible for a person to spend all their sleeping moments without making a little bit of noise. Snoring may serve as a nuisance to those who may hear it, but it does not pose much threat. However, constant snoring will disrupt the sleeping patterns of the person experiencing it, decreasing the quality of sleep that a person gets and leaves them more tired in the morning. Blue Ridge Family Dental has identified the reasons why people snore. Read on to know the explanations behind them.

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Why Do People Snore?

Obstructions in nasal airways

Nasal congestion from allergies or having the flu blocks the nasal airways. Nasal deformities also harbor the same effect, such as a deviated septum, which increases a person’s chances of being a habitual snorer.

Throat issues

Pregnancy, obesity, and other genetic factors that cause the throat tissue to be bulky may lead to persistent snoring. When the throat muscles are incredibly relaxed, it may obstruct the airway. Alcohol consumption, the use of sleeping pills, and old age result in relaxation of the throat muscles.

Length of the uvula

A long uvula can narrow the airways of the nose and throat. The vibrations will cause these structures to bump against one another, thus, causing snoring. 

Is Habitual Snoring Dangerous? 

Other than being a nuisance, there are health risks associated with persistent snoring. The most prevalent one is obstructive sleep apnea, and this leads to several health problems. Breathing interruptions due to blockage of airways will cause a person to wake up frequently. Light sleeping destroys a person’s sleep cycle, making a person suffer from a poor night’s sleep. Continuous problems like these may increase blood pressure, thus, straining the heart and increasing the risk for heart attack and stroke. 

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