Ten Tips to Improve Your Smile at Home Through Teeth Whitening, Vacaville

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  1. Teeth whitening is a procedure which can be done at home as well as in the dental clinic as well. At home, teeth whitening is done via the use of teeth whitening trays. An impression of the teeth and gums is taken in the dental clinic. This is then sent to the dental laboratory. Here, the set of teeth whitening trays are manufactured. These are taken home, smeared with whitening gel or paste and then worn over the gums and teeth.
  2. Slowly, but surely, the teeth start to whiten. The whitening trays need to be worn for a given duration of time for a given number of days. However, the result is not a permanent one.
  3. Teeth which are whitened in this manner may become re-stained or start yellowing again. This can happen if the patient does not take care to maintain good oral hygiene habits.
  4. Good oral hygiene translates into brushing teeth twice daily for at least two minutes each time. However, what works the best is to brush the teeth every time after a person consumes food or drink. his, nonetheless, may not be possible at all times. The other way out is to thoroughly rinse the mouth of a person each time after food or drink is consumed.
  5. Teeth which have been whitened can get stained even due to the intake of food items like beetroot. Thus, care must be taken not to consume too much of these. If the patient does eat such items, it is necessary to clean up the mouth thoroughly well after consumption.
  6. Also, care must be taken not to drink too much of tea, coffee, red wine and other such beverages and drinks which may cause teeth to get stained. Again, the only way out if a person does consume such drinks is to make sure that the mouth is cleaned up properly after this.
  7. Smoking and intake of nicotine products to causes teeth to get stained. Thus, care must be taken with these – do not consume them in such quantities that one has to repent later. It is best to kick such habits altogether.
  8. Teeth whitening may also be done at home with the use of whitening kinds of toothpaste. These have chemicals in them which can whiten the teeth, albeit in a slow but sure manner. However, these must be used very regularly for effective use.
  9. Teeth whitening at home can also be done with the use of whitening gum. This is available as an over the counter product at chemists and even at other shops, at times. The gum needs to be chewed by the patient for a given time, and it has some bleaching effect on the teeth. However, this too is not a permanent solution to this whole issue.
  10. The real point which must be taken care of is that teeth whitening is effective only if proper oral care is taken after any such process is done. Otherwise, the whitened teeth can become re-stained or yellowed once again.

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