Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is recommended for people who have less bone density due to tooth loss. If you live without teeth for some time, your bone will erode significantly. This erosion happens along with time at the site of a lost tooth. Bone grafting procedures are particularly useful for people who wish to have their teeth restored using dental implants. The success rate of implant surgery is increased when the bone density at the implant site is high enough to support the implants and prosthetic teeth.

The procedure involves making an incision into the jawbone to place the grafting material at the site of the deteriorated bone. This is done under the effect of local anesthesia. The graft may be covered with a thin protective barrier. Once the graft has fused with the natural bone and the area has healed, the site is ready to receive implants and other tooth replacements. The grafting material used is of the following types:

  1. Auto grafts – The grafts used in this technique are obtained from the individual’s own body. Usually, it is harvested from the mouth or hip of the patient. That’s because the bone width and depth are very low in those areas of the body. Since the bone is taken from the same person, the risk of rejection is low and compatibility is high. In fact, the best results can be experienced through this method.
  2. Allografts - In this method, the bone will be harvested from other human donors. However, a wide variety of tests need to be done in this method to ensure compatibility.
  3. Xeno-grafts – In this method, the bone will be harvested from an animal. This method is also associated with extensive compatibility tests.
  4. Alloplastic grafts – Alloplastic grafts can simply be defined as man-made bones. Synthetic materials are used to manufacture the bone and it is inserted into the mouth of patient. This bone gets absorbed in the natural bone along with time.

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