Fluoride Application

Fluoride treatments should be part of a child’s regular dental visits to help make their teeth more resistant to decay, but did you know that there are benefits of fluoride applications for adults also?

Decay can be a problem for adults, as well as children. For instance, some people may have a dry mouth caused by medications or certain health conditions; this condition makes a person much more susceptible to tooth decay. If someone has had gum recession, this exposes the root surfaces of the teeth which are more prone to decay than the harder, enamel-covered crown portions of the teeth. Diets high in acid and/or sugar (soda has high amounts of both!), and poor oral hygiene habits can cause decay in both adults and children.

Fluoride applications are also very beneficial to adults in the treatment of hypersensitivity. A single application of fluoride varnish can provide relief from hypersensitivity for some patients for as long as 6 months.

Today, fluoride varnish is considered the most effective topical form of fluoride, as it reduces decay by 25 to 60 percent, for both adults and children. It is also the safest form of fluoride since less is ingested than in the case of foams or gels, or even toothpaste.

The varnish is painted on the tooth surface. It sets on contact with saliva and remains on the tooth surface for several hours. If a patient is at moderate risk for decay, a topical fluoride treatment is recommended twice a year. For someone at high risk, the treatment is recommended four times a year.

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