Restoring the natural appearance of a tooth has become very easy with tooth-color fillings. Fillings can be used not only to restore fractured or decayed teeth, but also to cosmetically modify their shape, size and color. The technique proves handy in closing gaps in and between teeth, fixing a chipped tooth and making teeth look straight and even.

The process of filling involves the removal of the decay from the tooth, cleaning the affected part, and replacing the cavity area with a filling material. By closing the bacteria -prone cavity, the filling helps prevent tooth decay. The material of the tooth-colored filling can be made to match the shade of your natural teeth.

Tooth-colored fillings are created with composite resin and are highly effective in filling cavities. The material, composite, has filler particles, bound by a matrix material. Composite resin is made by hardening a fluid mold of an acrylic, BIS-GMA around particles of glass filler. Metal such as cobalt, gold, copper furnished color to the glass and oxides such as zirconium and titanium contribute to the opacity.

Advantages of Tooth Colored Fillings

Apart from matching with the color of your teeth, tooth-colored fillings offer several other advantages:

  • They integrate with the teeth structure chemically thus, eliminating the need for placing slots or pins.
  • They bond with the tooth and restore it to approximately 90% of its original strength.
  • They are temperature resistant; remain unaffected by extreme heat and cold.
  • They are environmentally safe.

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