Sedation Dentistry

Are you afraid of getting your teeth treated? Would you bear the pain of a toothache just because of your fear to walk into a dentist’s office? That means you suffer from dental anxiety, or in other words, a fear of dental treatments. At Blue Ridge Family Dental in Vacaville, CA, we help you stay calm, comfortable and free of fear while getting your teeth treated with the help of sedation dentistry services.

Sedation dentistry is the process of using medication in order to assist patients in relaxing when they go through dental procedures. It is also known as sleep dentistry. However, you need to keep in mind that patients do not fall asleep during sedation dentistry, but only feel a lot more calm and comfortable.

Use of sedation in dental treatments at Blue Ridge Family Dental in Vacaville, CA

The use of sedation dentistry offers a number of advantages. Sedation decreases the emotional and physical effects, as well as stress associated with dental procedures, allowing you to relax to the point where the procedure being performed no longer triggers anxiety. Patients who have undergone a procedure under the effect of sedation will tell you it is an easy, relaxing way to experience oral care treatments.

The types of sedation used at our office include:

  • Oral sedation – Given in the form of a pill before treatment, oral sedation allows us to create a safe and comfortable dental experience for patients who experience fear or anxiety at the dentist. Sometimes referred to as sleep or anxiety-free dentistry, this type of sedation can allow patients who have avoided the dentist to receive care.
  • Inhalation sedation – This is done by administering a sedative in the form of laughing gas via the nose. The unique properties of this gas will help you relax. The gas causes light sedation and there is little to no effects after the procedure.
  • Local anesthesia – Sedation with local anesthesia has the potential to make you feel relaxed and free of pain throughout the treatment. You would feel normal when the effects of the anesthetic wear off.

We will analyze your condition and recommend the best type of sedation as per the procedure being performed and your current overall health. To know more about sedation dentistry and its advantages in helping you go through dental treatments more easily, contact Blue Ridge Family Dental in Vacaville, CA. Call us at (707) 345-1137.

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