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Retainers are worn for both the upper and lower jaw to prevent the teeth from shifting back into their old positions. They are of two types of retainers - fixed and removable.


A fixed retainer consists of a wire of small diameter that is bonded to the tongue surface of the front teeth to maintain their alignment. A removable retainer either consists of a clear aligner or traditional acrylic with wire.

A fixed retainer can be worn all your life but may need occasional rebonding. Fixed retainers are mainly used when the orthodontic treatment has caused major changes in the tooth alignment and the risk of a relapse is high.

Traditional acrylic retainers or Hawley retainers consist of a wire that goes around the upper six front teeth and the acrylic conforms to the palate. Another type is made of clear plastic and can be easily worn over the teeth, similar to clear aligners like Invisalign.

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Hannah L.

Great office. I whitened my teeth for a class reunion, they worked through lunch for me, so I could get it done before the reunion. I love the fun visits they have for kids too- my kids got to spray the water, use the suction, ride the chairs, and watch cartoons. They got fun charts to mark each day when they brush. They look forward to getting their teeth cleaned now.

Shanin A.

The best dental experience I have ever had! I went in with a lot of anxiety(a lot is an understatement)The staff was so accommodating,and loving, and made me feel comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation! I can’t thank them enough for what they have done for me.

Jessica K.

Dr. Cabral and his staff have been amazing. We have lots of issues and are 100% happy with every visit thus far. Short wait time, friendly staff, clean office and excellent treatment. Highly recommend for both adults and children.
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