Snoring Treatment

Have you ever been told that you snore? Snoring happens when your airway experiences an obstruction while you are asleep. Such an obstruction may be caused by the soft tissues found in your mouth, or maybe your tongue is in the way. When these tissues above the airway get in contact with each other, they create a vibration that makes a loud “snoring” noise.

While many people first bring up this problem with their physician, very few actually think of talking about it with their dentist. A dentist can also run some tests to help find solutions to your current snoring problem, which may leave you feeling fatigued during the day time.

However, other remedies may also be done at the recommendation of your dentist. One is to lose some weight. When you weigh too much, this heaviness may cause significant changes to your airway’s structure – enough to cause snoring. Another is to refrain from drinking alcohol at night, as this may alter one’s quality of sleep. Your dentist may also suggest reducing or altogether eliminating sedative use at night. There may be other alternatives you can try to get a good night’s rest without it ending up in a snore fest. And finally, you may be encouraged to sleep on the side with the help of a supportive pillow. Sleeping on your back has been observed to promote snoring in some people because of the position that inadvertently blocks your airways.

So the next time you mull over your snoring problems, make sure that you also seek the help of a dental professional at Blue Ridge Family Dental to put an end to it!

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